The Dumbphone Experiment: Is size everything?

It’s been a couple of days, and I think I’ve got things pretty much under control in my iPad + dumbphone experiment. There are some things I’m still struggling with, but overall, this works, the trade-offs are reasonable thus far, I think. Yesterday, after driving to the summer home (that really is an all-year home), I did start to think about iPad sizes, though. I’d like to share those thoughts with you.

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iPadOS 15 Beta Watch: Lovely widgets

I’ve been using the iPadOS 15 beta on my, err, beta iPad Pro since the first developer beta was released at WWDC. It’s really getting there, although I must stress that it’s still a beta, so some things will be wonky. I wouldn’t run the iPadOS 15 beta on my primary iPad Pro because there are too many things I rely on that just won’t work on the beta just yet. That will depend on what you’re using your iPad for, obviously, but be careful nonetheless.

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The iPad + dumbphone experiment

One of my most-read posts on my now defunct English edition of was about combining a tablet with a dumbphone, ditching the smartphone (the post is available on the legacy edition, if you’re curious). I wrote the post after seeing the setup in action, and not only as the hypothetical setup that no one would actually commit to.

That was early 2014. Now it’s 2021, and things have changed quite a bit. I’m revisiting this idea as Stockholm (Sweden, where I spend half my time) continues to open up as the pandemic restrictions lightens up.

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Solitaire Stories

Solitaire Stories is an Apple Arcade Original, meaning that it’s only available if you have the Apple Arcade service. This, in turn, means that you also know that it’s going to be a game free of ads, free to play timers, and other annoying things that plague too many games these days. In other words, you don’t have to suffer all those things while playing a calm game of solitaire.

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Affinity apps get speed increase

I’m a big fan of Serif’s suite of Affinity apps, and use at least Affinity Designer on a weekly basis. The other two apps — Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher (not on iPadOS just yet) — are equally good, so if you’re looking to make the jump from Adobe with one-time purchases (per platform, Affinity apps are on iPadOS, macOS, and Windows, except Publisher as mentioned), this is what you should be looking at.

That’s why it’s so nice to see updates like the just released one, bringing all Affinity apps to version 1.10. It’s all about speed, something we all love.

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Ulysses 23 focus on blogging

Ulysses 23 (release post), available on the App Store now, is a release of the popular markdown writing app with blogging focus. There’s been a publishing feature in Ulysses for quite some time, supporting WordPress (both self-hosted and, as well as Ghost, Medium, and New in this release is that you can update your Ghost posts, not just publish them, a feature that’s been available for WordPress for some time, and is coming soon to as well. Another new feature is the addition of a publishing widget in your sidebar, as well as a small paper plane icon under sheets that’s been published already. A nice touch, I’d say. There’s also improvements to the writing session history, which wasn’t working particularly well before.

Ulysses 23 is available as a free update now, but you’ll need a subscription to use the app (after the trial, if you’re a new customer). The subscription is $6/month or $50/year.