External monitor support is back in iPadOS 16.2 beta

While, unreliable at best, I must admit that I missed the external monitor support for Stage Manager when Apple pulled it from iPadOS 16.1. It was the right call, no doubt, but screen mirroring on an external monitor after having used Stage Manager just won’t cut it.

Well, the iPadOS 16.2 beta brings back external monitor support for Stage Manager, which looks pretty swanky on my Studio Display.

Lots of screen real-estate (but still just four apps)

Is it stable, then? Oh, no, it’s not. I mean, it might’ve improved a bit from the previous beta that had the feature, but I wouldn’t call it stable. It’s still tricky to see where things end up, and arranging app windows continues to be a chore. That said, I’m glad it’s back because I actually had some use of the feature today, looking over photos.

Pretty setup graphic
Pretty setup graphic

The iPadOS 16.2 beta brings another addition to the mix as well: The Freeform app. I’m excited to give this a proper go, too. It’s due later this year, as is iPadOS 16.2.