Logi MX Mechanical Mini for Mac – a review

I like mechanical keyboards, but the sound they make can be a bit annoying for co-workers. I wanted to try Logitech’s – I mean Logi’s – recent offering with my iPad, as it’s smaller and quieter than my Keychron K4, and when the latter’s battery started to act out, I finally got the chance.

Now, the Logi Mechanical Mini for Mac is a wireless mechanical keyboard, and since it’s tailored for Mac, it works just fine with iPadOS too. Having an external keyboard is a must if you use an external display with your iPad, but I like it with the iPad in a stand as well.

My first impression with the Mechanical Mini was that it’s not a particularly pretty keyboard. The backlit keys aren’t covering the tactile switches, and although I get that you could like that look, I just don’t. Travel isn’t far compared to your typical mechanical keyboard, but it’s obviously more than, say, the Magic Keyboard or a laptop keyboard. This has been troublesome for me, I mistype more often than I’d like, despite having used this keyboard at the office for several weeks now.

Like so many of Logi’s keyboards, you can connect multiple devices to the Mechanical Mini, three to be precise. This all happens over bluetooth, and the connection’s good. I like this feature, my Keychron K4 has it too, and it makes it easy to switch between my devices at my desk. Granted, this isn’t much of an issue anymore, thanks to Universal Control (which I love), but when I use the XDR Display with my 12.9” iPad Pro, it’s necessary to connect directly. The feature does its job, as do most of the special keys on the function row.

Alas, I’m not loving the MX Mechanical Mini keyboard. It’s a bit too plasticky for my taste, the travel doesn’t feel nice to me, and I’m just not making friends with it. I can see how others would think differently because it’s not like this is a faulty product, nor does it feel cheap compared to what you’re paying for it. I just don’t like it very much, and while it is quiet compared to most other mechanical keyboards I’ve owned, that’s not enough for me. After all, I spend my days writing, so whatever keyboard I rely on must be good enough for the situation. This, unfortunately, isn’t it, for me.

⌨️⌨️ out of 5 – Okay.

The Logi MC Mechanical Mini for Mac costs $150 from Logitech.