Affinity V2 brings Publisher to iPad

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, we can get Affinity Publisher, the desktop publishing app, on our iPads. The rumor’s been going around for quite some time, and Apple leaked it, as previously reported. Well, Affinity Publisher is finally here, alongside a big V2 update to all Affinity apps. That means that Affinity Photo and Designer also got some serious updates, with a revamped interface across the board.

This is a paid update, but still without any subscriptions. You can get all apps, including desktop (macOS and/or Windows), for a universal price. It’s 40% off currently, so $100 will net you all three V2 apps (soon to be $170). If you prefer to pay-per-app, it’s $11/each for the iPad versions (and $41/each for desktop). Personally, I paid for the full package right away, and will get back to you with a closer look at Affinity Publisher 2 in particular.

Read more about all the new features on Affinity’s site.