Author: Thord D. Hedengren

Author, designer, developer, and editor of Switch to iPad, among other things.

Issue 68 features three games to kill the time

It’s Game Day in Switch to iPad #68, with three games to kill the time. This from the first game, Clap Hanz Golf:

I’ve spent a lot of time with Clap Hanz Golf the last few weeks. I played it a bit when it launched on Apple Arcade (yep, you’ll need a subscription to play this one), but then fell out of it. It’s gotten several updates since then, and whatever the reason was to stop playing this game, it’s seemingly gone.

If you recognize the style of Clap Hanz Golf, you might’ve played another golf series called Everybody’s Golf or Hot Shots Golf, depending on your region. Clap Hanz is the developer of said series, which was (is?) published by Sony for various PlayStation platforms. They’re great games, especially the two that was released for PlayStation Portable.

🆓 Read Switch to iPad #68 here, for free.

iPad, 9th generation — a review

The 9th generation iPad is the latest entry-level iPad, and it’s not such a bad pick if you have limited needs. The size is decent, with its 10.2” screen, and thanks to the bump to the A13, it feels snappy enough for most things. It’s a great tablet, especially if you compare it to non-Apple alternatives out there.

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Switch to iPad #67: This is how I write it all

It’s Wednesday, and that means that it’s time for another issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter. This time, it’s all about how I write both it, and this very site.

From the introduction:

I’m sitting here, typing out today’s issue of Switch to iPad. That’s not how I usually do it, typically what you get in your inbox (or read in the archives, if that’s your fancy) is written the Sunday or Monday before. The past couple of weeks have been a mess, though, thanks to both work and contractors at home, so I’ve fallen out of my groove, so to speak.

What better time to tell you all about how I write Switch to iPad, then?

Switch to iPad #67 is available in the archives for all paying subscribers. Do consider subscribing, if you have already.

It’s all about Notes in Switch to iPad #66

Apple keeps updating the default Notes app, and it’s really getting there. I’ve gushed about the new Quick Note feature already, but that’s not all you can do with Notes.

Switch to iPad #66 is another How do I… installment, all about Notes. This time, it’s paying subscribers only, so if you’re not one of those, do consider signing up. There’s a free trial and everything.

✍🏻 Read Switch to iPad #66 here.

Story Planner wants to get your stories in order

I’ve been using an app called Story Planner for the past couple of months. It’s an app for writers to help organize your story, from the overarching aspects such as the synopsis, to the actual structure, with scenes, locations, characters, and the like. If you’ve ever used something like Scrivener for writing fiction or scripts, you’ll feel right at home.

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How to get Instagram on your iPad

Instagram famously has no iPad app, they’re iPhone only. Recently, they even said that they “would love to do an iPad app”, but it wasn’t in the future. That’s, obviously, utter bullshit because said iPad app has surfaced unintentionally several times.

But don’t worry, you can get Instagram on your iPad, without relying on third-party apps. Here’s how.

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iPad mini, 6th generation — a review

Look, I’ve been wanting a new iPad mini since before the Switch to iPad project started. I even wrote a full-blown newsletter issue on the topic, basically outlining what was launched last Friday. So yeah, I’m happy with the new iPad mini, very much so. It’s seen quite a lot of use the past few days, and I’ve also put it through its paces taking notes on a full-day course I attended on Monday.

So, where does that leave us? Let’s find out.

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