Mophie Speedport 67 – a review

I’m one of those guys who, generally, stick to Apple chargers and cables. It’s rare for me to go with a third party, although there are some exceptions, and some I trust. Chargers, in particular, is something that I wouldn’t want to skimp out on, for safety reasons. Mophie is one of the trust-worthy third-party accessory makers. They make sturdy cables and good power-banks, among other things. So, when they announced their new Speedport line of GaN chargers, I wanted to take a closer look.

I’m partial to Apple’s 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter. The dual USB-C support saves room in my small travel pouch, and, since I use USB-C to Lightning for the iPhone when I’m out and about, and have a USB-C capable Apple Watch charger, the plug powers all my stuff, albeit not at the same time. The Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter is small and nice, I have nothing bad to say about it, packing a total of 35W.

Well, here’s the Speedport 67 side by side with the Apple charger.

Speedport 67 on the left
Speedport 67 on the left

Granted, the Speedport 67 is slightly taller, and a wee bit higher, and weighs just a bit more. That’s what you get when you get 67W instead of 35W, which is just insane. It’s almost twice as powerful, meaning that I can max out two iPads charging at 20W each at the same time, without hitting the peak power. If you’re on other platforms that support more aggressive fast-charging, then this is an adapter for you. To me, it’s almost overkill. (Mophie has an even smaller Speedport at 45W, which makes more sense for iPad users.)

Now, non-Europeans probably think those comparison images look weird. We don’t get the fold-in prongs in Europe, unfortunately. This is so much more travel-friendly, isn’t it?

Folding prongs, for some
Folding prongs, for some

So, does the Speedport 67 work? Yeah, it does. It tops out at 67W in total, so if you pair an iPad with, say, a MacBook Pro, you’ll probably notice that the MacBook is charging slower than with its dedicated charger (assuming you got one of the larger bricks). Unplug the iPad, and the MacBook will pull the full 67W. And, as I said, when charging an iPad Pro and an iPhone, the 67W in total is more than enough.

The Speedport 67 has replaced the 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter in my travel pouch. I wish I could get fold-in prongs, but that’s just not a thing here, and I won’t fault Mophie for it. This, and its smaller sibling, is an excellent choice, for what, I think, is a reasonable price at $60 – the same that Apple charges, but for way less power. Granted, there’s a compact version of their charger now, still at 35W, so for travel, that might be an even better fit. It should, however, probably be compared to the Speedport 45, which is $10 cheaper, and still packs more power.

Anyway, I recommend the Speedport 67 for anyone who needs a bit of extra juice for their devices at times.

🔌🔌🔌🔌 out of 5 – Great!

The Speedport 67 will set you back $60. Read more at Mophie’s site.