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Issue #114: I love starting from scratch (no, really)

I picked up a new M2 iPad Pro, the 2 TB 11″ model with cellular, as you might’ve read elsewhere. It was an upgrade from the (now) previous generation, with M1, which I have in both 11″ and 12.9″ configurations. I tend to pick up both models, blaming “my job” for the splurges, but this year I did not. I’ve yet to put the new M2 iPad Pro to the test, but I’ve got this feeling that this upgrade was pretty unnecessary. That’s why I didn’t get the 12.9″ model too, I’ll keep the M1 version for Big Design Things™️, and sell my M1 11″ iPad Pro down the road.

I’ll get back to the upgrade-worthiness of M1 to M2 at a later date. For now, I’m just enjoying starting from scratch. I don’t always do this, it depends on what I’ve got going on, but this time, I felt so conflicted about what’s what in my iPad setup, I decided to take the time and not restore or transfer data.

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