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These are our favorite apps of 2021 (#79)

The 79th issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter outlines our eleven favorite apps of 2021.

It’s 2022, and you just know you’ll mistype that as 2021 for a couple of months. This issue is still in 2021, though because I wanted to share my favorite apps of last year. That’s not to say that all of these apps were actually launched last year, rather the ones I’ve used, and enjoyed, the most. There are no games on this list, and I’ve also decided to cut out streaming services like Netflix and Apple Music, for example, as well as default apps. I’ve also limited this list to eleven apps because why not?

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How did that iPad mini holiday work out in the end? (#78)

The first issue of Switch to iPad in 2022 has just reached subscribers. It’s all about how that iPad mini holiday worked out for yours truly, something you might recall that I wrote about in #77.

It’s been a slow couple of weeks for me. I didn’t put in many knots until after New Years, and then it was mostly client things that (still) requires a Mac to work. Some of these even require an Intel Mac, due to stupid IT reasons, but that’s the life of a digital consultant.

Anyway, these are the things I’ve used my iPad mini for during the holidays.

1. Writing.

2. Reading.

3. Gaming.

4. Light communication.

5. Note-taking.

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See you in 2022

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year. For me, the days between Christmas and the New Year celebrations, are ideally spent contemplating, resting up, and making plans for the future. That’s not possible every year, for me, due to client work, but this year it is, and I’m going to enjoy it. Chances are that means I’ll end up writing, or even building, something when I get bored, but that’s fine. It’s the freedom of not doing things that I love the most.

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It’s iPad mini for me this holiday (#77)

This year’s last full-length newsletter tells the story about how I’m going iPad mini only this holiday season. There’s a reason for this, obviously, and it isn’t that I’ve sold all my iPads, if anyone thought this.

I’m doing a little experiment this holiday season. You see, I’ve left my iPad Pros and their Magic Keyboards at home, and decided to just bring my iPad mini to the cabin. I’m going to call it a cabin, but it’s really a small house, there’s a sauna, Wi-Fi, and everything. This is where we go on holidays, and when we want to get out of Stockholm.

Anyway, I left my professional iPads behind. I did this for two reasons:

1. I want to know how far I can get on just the smallest iPad in Apple’s lineup.

2. This holiday season, I’m going to try not to work so much, with no agency work planned at all.

Granted, you can get everything done on any iPad, as I’ve talked about before. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy, especially if you’re used to that beautiful 12.9” screen from the M1 iPad Pro.

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I’m back to using Pocket

This is not a review, but rather, a follow-up on Switch to iPad #70, where I wrote about read it later services. There, I mentioned upstart Matter, which has some pretty compelling features, and is, by far, the best read it later app to store Twitter threads. I’ve been using Matter since before #70, and I liked it, except for this:

What’s worse, Matter is by far the lesser reading experience on an iPad, even the new iPad mini, which is pretty much perfect for reading text on. It’s not that they parse the text bad, it’s just not a very readable layout.

I’m confident this’ll change. This layout works perfectly well on an iPhone. They’ll surely add typographic settings as well, something that both Pocket and Instapaper has, which means you can tailor your reading experience as you see fit. Even Safari’s Reader feature has some basic options there, so I’m sure Matter will add it.

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Read the Switch to iPad gift guide (#76)

It’s that time of yeah, and that means figuring out what to give the iPad lovers. That’s what Switch to iPad #76 is all about.

Have you picked out your Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate, yet? I’ve mostly done so, surprising myself. If you’re in a bind, here are some gift ideas for the iPad lover.

And no, this list won’t contain iPads, Apple Pencils, Magic Keyboards, or any other official accessory. I think that’s been done.

📧 Switch to iPad #76 is free for all to read. My gift to you, if you will.

How I wrote a book on my iPad (Switch to iPad #75)

This week’s issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter is close to my heart, and the result of months of writing. You see, I recently wrote, edited, and sent a book to a publisher, using nothing but my iPad, as you’d expect from yours truly.

You might not know this, but when I’m not going on and on about the benefits of the iPad as your primary computing platform, or working at my digital agency, I write books. Those books used to be of a technical nature, about things like WordPress and other digital stuff, but I actually write fiction too. If you’re interested, you can find short stories by me in two anthologies, Cthulhu Lies Dreaming and Haunted Futures, as well as on some other places. 

I write novels too. If you’ve been following me on Twitter this Autumn, you probably noticed me doing some sporadic updates with the #amwriting (and later, #amediting) hashtags, as well as some dedicated hotel writing sessions. I’ve been working on a manuscript, in Swedish, so I won’t be sharing any excerpts, for a publisher’s call. It’s done, it’s edited, and it’s been sent in. Yay me, and all that jazz.

Naturally, this whole thing was done on an iPad, and I’d like to tell you about it.

🆓 Switch to iPad #75 is free for all to read, so no subscription needed. I’d very much appreciate it if you considered one anyway, obviously. Thank you!

The 2021 App Store Award winners

Every year, Apple announces the App Store Award winners. These aren’t necessary the most successful or downloaded apps, but apps that Apple feel stand out.

The 2021 iPad app of the year is LumaFusion, a video editing app that definitely stands out. It’s a great choice, so well done, Apple.

The 2021 iPad game of the year is Marvel Future Revolution. It’s a freemium game that I haven’t tried yet, but I guess I should, given the fact that it won this award.

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Notes: Big vs. Small (Switch to iPad #74)

This week’s issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter discusses what iPad sizes work best for note-taking. Note-taking is a topic dear to me, as you probably know by now.

My name is Thord, and I’m taking a ton of notes, as you’ve probably noticed by now. For this, I use my iPads, which are, as you probably also know by now, numerous. The past couple of months, I’ve been attending a course, studying Complicated Things™️, which means I’ve been taking even more notes than usual.

So, which iPad is best for note-taking? That’s not as easy to answer as you’d expect, so that’s what we’ll be talking about in this issue.

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Switch to iPad #73 is about kids and iPads

Have you ever wanted to setup an iPad for kids, but are unsure how to do it? That’s what Switch to iPad #73 is all about.

It’s not just me that loves iPads in my family, it’s the little bonus kid too. He’s great with it, as most kids are with touch-screen controlled devices. To him, navigating an iPad app, and figuring out a game from the App Store, is a lot easier than, say, using a controller for a video game console. It’s a different world than what I had when I grew up, that’s for sure.

The kid’s got an iPad, obviously. He’s been using an iPad mini 4, but with the launch of the new iPads, I figured an upgrade was overdue. It was also time to give him a little more control over what he could do on his own with his iPad, so I set it up from scratch.

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