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iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: Stage Manager will be available for more devices than previously announced

In a surprising, but welcome, a bit of news, Apple has enabled Stage Manager for more than just the M1 iPad models. Specifically, it’s the A12X and 12Z models, which means iPad Pros from 2018 and 2020 that will get Stage Manager when iPadOS 16.1 is released. They won’t, however, support Stage Manager on an external monitor.

Speaking of external monitor support, it appears that Apple is delaying this to actually get iPadOS 16.1 out the door. They’ll be enabling external display support for Stage Manager on M1 iPads in a software update later this year, per a statement to Engadget. This, paired with the just released developer beta of iPadOS 16.1 and the fact that it feels pretty stable even where Stage Manager is concerned, points to an upcoming release pretty soon. I’d expect this to coincide with new iPad Pro models, which may or may not get an actual Apple event, as previously reported.

It seems like Apple came to the same conclusion as I did: Just release iPadOS 16 already. The fact that they got Stage Manager (seemingly) stable, albeit without external monitor support, is just gravy.

No October Apple event after all?

Bloomberg’s Apple analyst Mark Gurman speculates that there might not be another Apple event this year after all. The rumor-mill, to which Gurman frequently contributes, has been pretty adamant that there’d be an October event to announce new Macs and, more importantly for Switch to iPad readers, iPad Pros. With the delay of iPadOS 16, an event seemed even more likely.

That said, Gurman might be on to something here, assuming the iPad Pro upgrades are M2 chips with the current generation’s design. The M2 chips got enough stage-time in Apple’s MacBook Air announcement, so there’s no real news value talking extensively about them. Looking at the state of iPadOS 16.1, it seems unlikely that Apple would want to bang the drum too hard, most likely launching 16.1 with the key feature Stage Manager under a beta moniker.

It’s been a rough couple of months for Apple when it comes to iPad. I hope I’m wrong, and that we’ll get at least a shorter Apple event highlighting iPad (and new Macs, of course), but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gurman is correct on this one.

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: These iPads support iPadOS 16.1

Updated on September 28th with new Stage Manager details.

The upcoming version of iPadOS, 16.1 (Apple is skipping 16.0, as previously reported), gets widespread support as usual. Apple is very generous with backwards compatibility for their devices, and iPads are no exception. While there is still no announced release date for iPadOS 16.1, we already know which iPad models will support the update.

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Don’t expect any iPads on tomorrow’s Far Out Apple event

Tomorrow’s Apple event day, this one titled “Far Out”, with space graphics to match. It’s an iPhone event, by all accounts, so don’t expect anything iPad related. I don’t even think they’ll give us a launch date for the delayed iPadOS release. They’re skipping iPadOS 16.0, as you might recall, jumping straight to 16.1, which is what’s in the betas right now.

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iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: iPadOS skips 16.0, jumps straight to 16.1

Wow, I did not see this one coming. While reports on iPadOS 16 being delayed into fall has been floating around, the fact that Apple not only confirms this, but also completely skips version 16.0 is just astounding. Apple gave the following statement to TechCrunch:

This is an especially big year for iPadOS. As its own platform with features specifically designed for iPad, we have the flexibility to deliver iPadOS on its own schedule. This Fall, iPadOS will ship after iOS, as version 16.1 in a free software update.

This is significant in many ways. The statement was shortly followed by a new iPadOS 16 developer beta, the seventh thus far.

Pixelmator Photo switches to subscription model

The Pixelmator apps have been a staple for iPad, iOS, and macOS users for years. From the original app, called just Pixelmator, to Pixelmator Photo for iPadOS and iOS, and Pixelmator Pro for macOS, it’s such a great suite of apps. I named Pixelmator Photo one of my favorite iPad apps of 2021, which you might recall.

One of the reason the Pixelmator apps are beloved, outside of being truly great software, is that they differ from Adobe’s offerings by being one-time purchases. Well, that’s going to change in the near future, at least for Pixelmator Photo. It’s going the subscription route, something I’m not the biggest fan of.

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iPadOS 15.6.1 security release

It’s time to update your Apple devices again, which obviously includes your iPad. The iPadOS 15.6.1 security release patches a kernel vulnerability, which is serious, especially since Apple reports that the vulnerability has been exploited. There’s another issue too, with the browser engine, Webkit. This too has been exploited in the wild.

In other words, hit that update button post-haste. This includes your other Apple devices, too.

Switch to iPad is leaving Substack

Post updated August 25, 2022. The members area has launched!

I hope you’ve had a good summer. I’ve spent mine resting, mostly, but also setting up the move from Substack, as per your (and my) wishes from the #100 survey. I’ve chosen Memberful as the service for this. It was easy to integrate into the Switch to iPad site, and it’s also a great user experience, in my opinion, in the sense that it’s easy to both login and cancel accounts.

So, this is what happens now.

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iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: The fifth developer beta hits

The fifth iPadOS 16 developer beta has started to roll out (release notes), and it does look like there are some improvements to Stage Manager, among other fixes. I’ve yet to play with this one as I’m deep in Switch to iPad fixes as a result of that 100 issue survey I did a while back, but I’m looking forward to it. There are quite a few quirky things with Stage Manager, especially related to following links that open external apps, which then might not happen in the logical view, as well as plenty of render bugs. I stopped using an external monitor with beta 3 as I found it unreliable, but having a go at that is long overdue.

Stage Manager is, presumably, the reason Apple seems to be pushing the iPadOS 16 launch to October. Meanwhile, iOS 16 is still due in September, if the Apple Rumor Mill™️ is to be expected. In the end, only Apple knows for sure.

Update: The third public beta was released shortly after the fifth developer beta.