About Switch to iPad

As of February 8th, 2023, Switch to iPad has ceased its operations. All member posts are open for all. Read more about it here.

Below is the original about page, for reference.

Switch to iPad is a journey to going iPad only. That is to say, getting rid of all those pesky (I kid!) Macs and PCs, and relying on the magic piece of glass that is the iPad as my primary (big) computing device. Together we’ll figure out how to work from an iPad, try out all the gadgets that help us along the way, and find the best apps and methods for a better computing life.

The site is typically updated several times a week.

There’s a member’s area, where paying subscribers get even more content. It consists of hundreds of thousands of words about using iPads. Subscribing is $5/month or $50/year, and I do hope you’ll consider supporting the site. Read more about subscriptions here.

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About me

My name is Thord D. Hedengren, and I’m writing Switch to iPad. To me, the iPad is the most entertaining and rewarding computing device. I rely on it on a daily basis.

When I’m not obsessing over iPads, I’m running a digital agency called Divide & Conquer. We’re a distributed company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. That’s where I live most of the time, with my girlfriend and part-time kid.

Want to know more? Hit me up on Twitter (@tdh) and we’ll talk. You can also use the form below, but please read this first:

  • Don’t contact me with SEO opportunities or similar ideas you might have. Those emails will get deleted unread.
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