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A series of posts featuring a closer look at iPadOS 16, due fall 2022.

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: The fifth developer beta hits

The fifth iPadOS 16 developer beta has started to roll out (release notes), and it does look like there are some improvements to Stage Manager, among other fixes. I’ve yet to play with this one as I’m deep in Switch to iPad fixes as a result of that 100 issue survey I did a while back, but I’m looking forward to it. There are quite a few quirky things with Stage Manager, especially related to following links that open external apps, which then might not happen in the logical view, as well as plenty of render bugs. I stopped using an external monitor with beta 3 as I found it unreliable, but having a go at that is long overdue.

Stage Manager is, presumably, the reason Apple seems to be pushing the iPadOS 16 launch to October. Meanwhile, iOS 16 is still due in September, if the Apple Rumor Mill™️ is to be expected. In the end, only Apple knows for sure.

Update: The third public beta was released shortly after the fifth developer beta.

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: Developer beta 4 and public beta 2 released

I’m back, briefly, from my vacation/rebuilding phase to tell you that the fourth iPadOS 16 developer beta, and the second public beta, is now available. Looking at the list of updates on Apple’s developer site, it sure looks like plenty of fixes. Betas are always like this, obviously, but Apple have a tendency to postpone features for later versions during this phase. This has already happened with the smart live updates for iOS 16, so it could come to iPadOS specific features as well. I’m excited to dig into the fourth developer beta, and see how Stage Manager – the premier feature for iPadOS 16 – is improving.

In other news, Apple’s fiscals are out. I’ll leave the number-crunching to Jason Snell over at Six Colors.

Oh, and don’t worry too much about that iTunes Connect email about missing banking details, if you’re a new developer without any published apps. It seems to have been sent to anyone not having set up an account for receiving payments, which, obviously, could be premature if you’re just starting out. That said, do check your settings, just to be safe.

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: The public beta is now available

As expected, the third iPadOS 16 developer beta hit yesterday, and the public beta followed swiftly. This means that anyone with an Apple ID, and a sense of adventure, can download the iPadOS 16 beta and help test it out.

Now, I’ve been running iPadOS 16 since the first developer beta, and while things are improving with each release, please keep in mind that this is unfinished software. You’ll get sudden reboots, especially if you’re pushing Stage Manager and using an external monitor, and things will get wonky for you. Some apps just won’t work as intended, and expect the onscreen keyboard to misbehave. It’s not recommended to run the public beta, or any beta really, on your primary device. Some of you will anyway, obviously, but fair warning.

Get on the public beta program here!

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: A global keyboard shortcut to close windows

Here’s a nice surprise in the third developer beta of iPadOS 16: There’s a global keyboard shortcut to close windows. This made less sense before, whereas apps could have multiple instances (or windows, if you will) open, but they had no real relation to anything apart from that they existed, and could be jumped between. Now, with Stage Manager, it makes more sense, whereas multiple windows exist beside, over, and under each other.

Mac users will recognize the keyboard shortcut: cmd+w. Some apps already have support for this, with its own behavior, which will take precedence, or at least that’s how I understand it after having read discussions about this new feature. If there’s nothing assigned to cmd+w in the app, it’ll revert to default, which is to close the current window. A nice addition, if you ask me.

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: Reminders’ badges finally makes sense

Apple released the third developer beta of iPadOS 16, which could be what the upcoming public beta will be based on. While there are fixes all-around, one thing really stood out to me, and that’s a new setting for the Reminders app. You might remember that I’m enjoying the new Today view in Reminders, but also that the way badges are being used, for due and overdue tasks, are less-intuitive than they should be.

Well, I’m pleased to report that this a thing of the past, as of the third iPadOS 16 beta.

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iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: Stage Manager on an iPad mini

While the Stage Manager feature, which is growing on me, won’t be available on non-M1+ iPads, you can apparently try it on other devices using Xcode’s iPadOS simulator. That’s exactly what 9to5mac did, so if you’re curious as to how Stage Manager would look on an iPad mini, head over there for some screenshots.

Apple isn’t happy with Stage Manager’s performance on non-M1 iPads, which is the official explanation as to why only iPad Pros (not counting the 2018 models) and the latest iPad Air gets Stage Manager. There’s probably something else there, too because Stage Manager definitely works best on larger screens. I’ll have more on that soon, but suffice to say, I’m not seeing any real benefit of running Stage Manager on an iPad mini, for example, even if it was snappy enough. The screen’s just too small.

iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: The new Today view in Reminders

New iPadOS versions usually mean that the default apps get some (sometimes much-needed) TLC. That’s the case with iPadOS 16 too, although most of the coverage has been related to Mail, which, in all fairness, is getting the most updates.

The additions to Reminders is more subtle, but much appreciated. I’m actually using Reminders for my task management, thanks to its wonderful integration with both Siri, and other apps, like Readdle’s Calendars, for example. There are plenty of trade-offs, and Reminders isn’t without its quirks, as I’ve talked about several times before, but here we are.

I’m pleased to say that Reminders are getting a little nicer in iPadOS 16.

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iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: Send Later in Mail

Mail is the default app in iPadOS 16 that’s got the most updates, and arguably also the app that’s in most dire need. I’m reluctant to talk about the snooze feature just yet. In fact, I debated whether I’d write a post about Send Later at all because I don’t think that the Mail app is particularly stable, especially not in Stage Manager. There’s something wonky going on, and since communication is important to so many things I’m doing, I’ve put in limited use.

That said, I’ve used the Send Later feature a couple of times now, and I must say, it’s worked without a hitch.

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