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Thoughts on yesterday’s Apple Event

This week’s Switch to iPad newsletter is free for all to read. It starts something like this:

Yesterday was Apple Event day, and while it wasn’t exactly packed with surprises, it was a pretty solid one, I think. If you doubted there’d be an iPhone 13 (regular, mini, Pro and Pro Max), you can rest assured, everything is as expected.

Both the iPad and the iPad mini got updates, something I’m a lot more excited about. So let’s talk a little about those.

Read Switch to iPad #63 here.

Welcome to Switch to iPad

Hello! I’m so very happy to see you here, at the brand new site for Switch to iPad! It’s very likely that you come this way by means of the Substack newsletter that I’ve been sending out for a little over a year now. As I’m typing this, it clocks in at 57 issues, many of them free, and all of them accessible in the Substack archives.

On the off chance that you’re stumbling onto this very new, very much work-in-progress site by other means, know that this is going to be about iPads. Read more about what we’re up to on the about page, or just join us for the ride by means of one of the subscription options.

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