Switch to iPad is leaving Substack

Post updated August 25, 2022. The members area has launched!

I hope you’ve had a good summer. I’ve spent mine resting, mostly, but also setting up the move from Substack, as per your (and my) wishes from the #100 survey. I’ve chosen Memberful as the service for this. It was easy to integrate into the Switch to iPad site, and it’s also a great user experience, in my opinion, in the sense that it’s easy to both login and cancel accounts.

So, this is what happens now.

This is done ✔️

  • Subscribers (free and paid) have been moved. An email was sent with some information.
  • Payments was paused for a few weeks, they’ve resumed now. There’s no need to update your subscription, Stripe is still handling payments, so it just continues as before. You can cancel anytime, as before – I won’t be hiding any unsubscribe links, ever.
  • The newsletter archive is now in the Member’s section on this very site. You’ll need a subscription to view this, use your email to login if you have one (or sign up).

Happening now

  • Old links to the Substack archive will soon redirect to their new location.

Down the line

This initial move is mostly a 1:1 thing, in terms of features. I do hope to offer private RSS feeds to paying subscribers soon, I just need to properly test the feature, and make sure that the member content shows up there.

The weekly member post (aka newsletter) will continue, with #105 as the first one with this new setup. It’ll be in the member’s area here on the site. Paying subscribers will get an email about it, too.

I’ve got some other ideas, too. This first step is mostly about taking control, and we’re almost there.

As always, if you have any questions, tweet to @tdh, or email tdh at tdh dot se. I’ll see you on the flip-side!

Thord D. Hedengren