What if Apple bought EA? (#97)

I mean, they won’t, but what if? And, maybe they will?

So, there are speculations that Apple might be interested in buying Electronic Arts (or EA as they brand themselves), a big games company. It’s one of the gigantic ones, known for the EA Sports line, as well as franchises such as Need for Speed, The Sims, Apex Legends (recently launched on mobile, by the way), and Battlefield. EA is looking to sell in the wake of the mammoth Activision Blizzard deal, where Microsoft paid $68.7 billion.

One of the potential buyers is Apple. There have been talks, reports say, although how serious those talks have been, or are, is unknown at this time. EA is surely looking for a serious payday, although it’s hard to see them being worth as much as Activision Blizzard these days. Other people can probably guess better than I, so I’ll refrain, but suffice to say, whoever picks up EA will have to have a deep wallet.

Apple has a deep wallet. They’re also notoriously bad at games, despite raking in cash on games through the App Store.

So, does EA make sense for Apple, and what would happen if they bought them?

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