iPadOS 16.2 brings Stage Manager to the big screen

Apple has released iPadOS 16.2, and with that, Stage Manager support for external monitors. At least if you use an M1 or M2 equipped iPad, older iPads are stuck with screen mirroring, as before.

So, is it any good, Stage Manager on an external monitor?

No, not really. Everything I’ve written about it still stands, it’s buggy and confusing. It does make more sense on larger screens, and definitely on my XDR Display, but it’s also so very limited in the way you can arrange app windows. Not to mention that it crashes from time to time, still. It’s more stable than before, though, so there’s that. More on this at a later date, as well as the new Freeform app, which I’ve been using for some time. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works for collaborations, now that it’s available for all.