Thoughts on yesterday’s Apple Event

This week’s Switch to iPad newsletter is free for all to read. It starts something like this:

Yesterday was Apple Event day, and while it wasn’t exactly packed with surprises, it was a pretty solid one, I think. If you doubted there’d be an iPhone 13 (regular, mini, Pro and Pro Max), you can rest assured, everything is as expected.

Both the iPad and the iPad mini got updates, something I’m a lot more excited about. So let’s talk a little about those.

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Insight beat Safari to extensions on your iPad

I’ve been using a new web browser on and off for a while, and chances are you haven’t heard of it. It’s called Insight, and it’s got something that Safari hasn’t yet: Support for extensions. The actual rendering engine is the same as Safari, of course. This is true for all browsers on iPadOS (and iOS for that matter), but Insight stands out with smart extensions on a per-site basis.

I shot a couple of questions to Abhinav Sharma, responsible for the product roadmap at Insight, to learn more about this new browser.

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Apple announce ”California Streaming” event for next week

It’s time to start up the hype train because next week is Apple Event week! The event, titled “California Streaming”, will be broadcast online (i.e., not an in-person event this time either) on Tuesday 10am PDT. The Apple Events page is updated so that you can easily add the event to your calendar in your local time, should you (like me) not be in the PDT zone, and being too lazy (like me) to calculate the time offset.

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The Dumbphone Experiment, concluded

 I’m sitting here, looking at the Punkt MP02. It’s a wonderful little thing, a pleasant device to fiddle with, a lovely non-touchscreen, and buttons you want to press. This is a device designed with purpose, with taste, and with a very narrow public.

I love it. I’ve loved it almost all the way through the iPad + dumbphone experiment. The only time I don’t like it is when I need to type more than five words in a row. Man, have we evolved since the T9 days! I’ll never complain of a cramped touchscreen keyboard again.

I even went as far as to try a foldable bluetooth keyboard paired to my MP02. Zagg was kind enough to send me their Tri Fold folding bluetooth keyboard, and I have thoughts about it. I’ll get back to you on that, I did try to carry it for a few days, but it requires a flat surface, and why wouldn’t I use the iPad in such a situation? That said, again, interesting product, more later.

Anyway, here I am, piecing the iPad + dumbphone experience together.

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The Dumbphone Experiment: Authentication issues

I think we’re closing in on the gist of things for this experiment, which is closing in on two weeks sans iPhone. Can you imagine that, being smartphone-less for two weeks? Is it a hell for you, or a tantalizing notion? I get both angles, as it were.

This experiment was always about finding out what’d happen if I didn’t have my iPhone, but a dumbphone instead. Would the iPad be enough? I think we’ll know for sure soon.

But first, some words on authentication.

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