iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: A global keyboard shortcut to close windows

Here’s a nice surprise in the third developer beta of iPadOS 16: There’s a global keyboard shortcut to close windows. This made less sense before, whereas apps could have multiple instances (or windows, if you will) open, but they had no real relation to anything apart from that they existed, and could be jumped between. Now, with Stage Manager, it makes more sense, whereas multiple windows exist beside, over, and under each other.

Mac users will recognize the keyboard shortcut: cmd+w. Some apps already have support for this, with its own behavior, which will take precedence, or at least that’s how I understand it after having read discussions about this new feature. If there’s nothing assigned to cmd+w in the app, it’ll revert to default, which is to close the current window. A nice addition, if you ask me.