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The new black Magic Trackpad

There’s a new Magic Trackpad available, and it’s available in black, alongside the previous white version. This is the same sort of Magic Trackpad that’s been shipping with the M1 iMacs, so it differs slightly from the Magic Trackpad 2. Yeah, Apple and their naming conventions…

Anyway, I wanted to compare the black (or space gray) Magic Trackpad I’ve been using, to the new black version. Luckily, I’ve been one Magic Trackpad short due to setting up the new office, so I had the perfect excuse to pick up a new one.

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You can get the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID without buying an iMac

Apple has updated its Magic accessories (is that what we’re calling them now) across the board, which means that you can get that Magic Keyboard with Touch ID now, if you like. The keyboards and trackpads feature the new rounded corners first seen shipping with the new iMacs. All devices come with a braided USB-C to Lightning cable. Oh, and it’s all default Apple silver, no color-coded iMac-like options available, unfortunately.

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