The new black Magic Trackpad

There’s a new Magic Trackpad available, and it’s available in black, alongside the previous white version. This is the same sort of Magic Trackpad that’s been shipping with the M1 iMacs, so it differs slightly from the Magic Trackpad 2. Yeah, Apple and their naming conventions…

Anyway, I wanted to compare the black (or space gray) Magic Trackpad I’ve been using, to the new black version. Luckily, I’ve been one Magic Trackpad short due to setting up the new office, so I had the perfect excuse to pick up a new one.

Old vs. new

I must say, I prefer this newer version of black, but was surprised to see that it was only on the top surface, the actual touch surface. The sides of the device are aluminium, and the bottom is rubber. It’s almost the same as the Magic Trackpad 2, although the shapes aren’t identical. The most obvious difference between the new Magic Trackpad (white and black) is that the shape’s slightly more rounded.

So, how is the new Magic Trackpad compared to the previous version, when actually using the device? Well, no surprises there, it’s great, and the same. This is still the best pointing device for your iPad for most of us. I’m glad it finally comes in black.