Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand – a review

Magnetic iPad stands are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. Just like the Magic Keyboard invites you to be productive in a familiar, laptop-like sense, a magnetic stand does the same with a more desktop-y feel to it. I’ve tried quite a few, and what they all have in common is that they offer the same sense of usage freedom as the Magic Keyboard does. Type away, then pull the iPad off to do something else. It’s no surprise that Apple went with magnets for this sort of thing.

Apple doesn’t make any stands, though, and while I do like the Magic Keyboard, I definitely don’t think it’s the perfect angle or setup. At home, I have my iPad Pro wall-mounted, and I control it with a bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad. That’s not always possible, however, and might be a bit extreme for most people. Hence, getting a stand, and that stand could very well be the Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand.

As I said, I’ve tried quite a few magnetic stands, far more than has graced this site with a review. The Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand has many things going for it, and a possible annoyance, too.

But first, let’s talk build quality. I’m testing the 12.9” model, but the 11”/Air model looks similar. There’s also an iPad mini 6 model. My unit is ”Space Gray” but there’s a ”Silver” color option as well. Right, so this is a heavy stand, mostly aluminum with a rubber coating under the foot so that it’ll sit tight. The stand weighs in at 832 grams, which is substantial. Luckily, the magnets holding the iPad in place are strong too. I can easily carry iPad and stand by just holding the iPad, the magnets are strong enough there. The same goes the other way around, of course.

Heavy stand with strong magnets

Strong magnets are the first possible annoyance for some. It’s a two-hand action to remove the iPad from the stand, one grabbing the iPad and the other holding the stand firm. The stand might be heavy, but not heavy enough to make it safe to just pull the iPad off. Now, I think that I’d rather have strong magnets keeping my iPad in place, than flimsy ones, but I’m certain this’ll annoy someone out there.

The stand swivels full circle, so while most people will probably use this in landscape mode, you certainly can put your iPad in portrait mode, too. It’s all seamless, so you’ll have to get the angle right yourself – it won’t snap into place in any default angles. This could be another annoyance, but I’d call it a small one, and even a feature if you’re not on entirely level ground, perhaps.

The stand also tilts back and forth, obviously, and the only limitation there is the foot. You can turn your iPad the whole way around, facing from you, slim to the foot, if you like. I fail to see why you’d want to do that, but you certainly can. This, too, is seamless, so you can definitely find the right viewing angle.

All this freedom comes at a price, though: It requires force to swivel and tilt. You have to grip the iPad and stand firmly to change the angles, it’s strong. Not ”I can’t move it, it’s too heavy” strong, but certainly more force than should be necessary. I think they went a little overboard with the hinges here, but I guess it should mean that they’ll stay strong longer, maybe? Either way, it’s a bit much, and it is truly annoying at first. Now, with several weeks of usage, it bothers me less. After all, I set up my iPad, and then I write – I don’t fidget with angles and tilts when it’s set in place. Still, valid criticism that I’ve seen, and I concur with.

All that said, I find that the Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand is one of the better, if not the best, option out there. The height is decent, positioning the screen better than any laptop I’ve used, and definitely better than the Magic Keyboard, and the viewing angles leaves nothing lacking. The stand is on the pricier side, perhaps, but I do feel that you’re getting value for your money. This has become a part of my office setup, and I might very well get one for my desk in the country house, too. That’s good praise, coming from me.

🖥🖥🖥🖥 out of 5 – Great!

The Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand was provided for this review. You can learn more about it on the official website, or order your stand of choice from Amazon for $77 (prices fluctuate).