Switch to iPad #59 is out now

The 59th issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter was just sent to subscribers. It’s all about Figma for iPad, something a lot of us has been dreaming of.

From the introduction:

Anyway, getting back to work means firing up the Macs again, for the type of work that just won’t cut it (well enough) on an iPad just yet. One of the tools that’ve forced me to go back to the Mac is Figma, a design app that lives in your browser. It’s gotten really popular the past couple of years, dethroning Sketch for many teams. Despite being a web app and seemingly loading just fine on an iPad, it just doesn’t work with touchscreens, so it’s been one of those Mac-only tasks I have in my day.

Until now, because designers rejoice, Figma for iPad is here!

Well, sort of.

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