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Don’t expect any iPads on tomorrow’s Far Out Apple event

Tomorrow’s Apple event day, this one titled “Far Out”, with space graphics to match. It’s an iPhone event, by all accounts, so don’t expect anything iPad related. I don’t even think they’ll give us a launch date for the delayed iPadOS release. They’re skipping iPadOS 16.0, as you might recall, jumping straight to 16.1, which is what’s in the betas right now.

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Will Apple announce a new iPad Air next week?

Apple has invited the press to a new event, after weeks of rumors. The event, which will take place on March 8th, is called ”Peek Performance”. It’s not a stretch to think that Apple will focus on Apple Silicon based Macs, possibly giving professionals a sneak peek at a new Mac Pro, or even an iMac Pro. There’s also talk about a Mac mini Pro (how’s that for capitalization?), if you’re into that sort of thing. And, of course, the much anticipated iPhone SE 2, or whatever it’ll be called.

Don’t expect Apple to give the iPad too much love. The iPad Air is due for an update, the fifth generation should get a needed spec bump, bringing it on par with the sixth generation iPad mini. That’s not bad, not bad at all, but it’s no iPad Pro. Don’t expect the iPad Air 5 to use the M1 processor, like the Pros, but rather the A15. Again, just like the iPad mini.

The ”Peek Performance” Apple event will be live-streamed, as usual. Add it to your calendar from the Apple event page, to get it in your timezone.

Apple announce ”California Streaming” event for next week

It’s time to start up the hype train because next week is Apple Event week! The event, titled “California Streaming”, will be broadcast online (i.e., not an in-person event this time either) on Tuesday 10am PDT. The Apple Events page is updated so that you can easily add the event to your calendar in your local time, should you (like me) not be in the PDT zone, and being too lazy (like me) to calculate the time offset.

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