Don’t expect any iPads on tomorrow’s Far Out Apple event

Tomorrow’s Apple event day, this one titled “Far Out”, with space graphics to match. It’s an iPhone event, by all accounts, so don’t expect anything iPad related. I don’t even think they’ll give us a launch date for the delayed iPadOS release. They’re skipping iPadOS 16.0, as you might recall, jumping straight to 16.1, which is what’s in the betas right now.

Anyway, tomorrow’s event, which is on a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday due to yesterday’s public holiday in the US, will feature new iPhones, obviously. There’s also talk about a pro model Apple Watch, and a substantially cheaper model, so that’ll be interesting to see. Unfortunately, nothing points to untethering the Apple Watch from the iPhone, which is a shame, I think, but quite understandable from Apple’s perspective. We could get nuggets from non-iPad and Mac related products and platforms too. A new AirPods Pro model is rumored, which is always intriguing. I use my AirPods Pro when out and about, but for serious music listening using headphones, I turn to the AirPods Max.

The Far Out Apple event is set to begin at 10AM PT tomorrow, September 7th. Go to the Apple event page to get that in your local time. The event will be streamed, as usual.