Apple announce ”California Streaming” event for next week

It’s time to start up the hype train because next week is Apple Event week! The event, titled “California Streaming”, will be broadcast online (i.e., not an in-person event this time either) on Tuesday 10am PDT. The Apple Events page is updated so that you can easily add the event to your calendar in your local time, should you (like me) not be in the PDT zone, and being too lazy (like me) to calculate the time offset.

What can we expect? Well, assuming this is the big Fall event, it’ll be iPhones primarily, but probably some other things as well. Both the iPad mini (two years since the last refresh), and the iPad (one year, so right on target) are due for upgrades, so I’d expect that as well. Mac users might very well get a new Apple Silicon device, possibly called M1x. Since the event is called “California Streaming”, chances are Apple TV will get some additional airtime. After all, the Foundation series is premiering soon, so maybe this is the month when Apple starts charging for Apple TV+ properly?

We’ll see. Get your snacks ready for Tuesday, September 14th!

Here’s the announcement tweet, with a short video, and below is the event invitation.