InvisibleShield wants your iPad to feel like paper

There are many screen protectors for iPad that wants ot make the glass feel more like paper. Ever since Apple introduced its Pencil, companies like Paperlike have done their best to make us put plastic coatings on our screens. Zagg’s InvisibleShield brand is the latest to join the fray, with the $60 GlassFusion+ Canvas.

Screen protectors aren’t for everyone. Personally, I never put one on my devices. I like to feel the glass, and not look through the plastic polymer that covers the screen. This is the first, and major, problem with these products, and GlassFusion+ Canvas is no different. You can absolutely see that there’s a film covering the screen, and it dims it a bit. It’s noticeable, as it always is, and makes everything slightly muted. That said, it’s not so bad that I’d want to rip it off my iPad Pro (I’m testing it on my 12.9” model that I keep for beta testing). If this was my only iPad, I’d probably get used to it.

The feel under my fingertips is a bit weird too. It’s the structure, which isn’t really designed to make it feel like paper for my fingers, but rather for the Apple Pencil (or Zagg’s own Pro Stylus, which I covered in Switch to iPad #38). That’s a different matter. Here, GlassFusion+ Canvas does a pretty good job adding friction to my drawing and writing. In fact, I’d say it’s a better experience. Friction when drawing is good, after all.

In the end, your Pencil usage will dictate if whether you should get the GlassFusion+ Canvas (or any other similar product). If you mainly do drawings and take notes on your iPad, then this is a good choice. It’s a pain to apply, but once there, that’s it. I entirely understand why people use these kinds of products, and although I don’t personally feel that it’s something I want on my every iPad, I have no qualms using it on one of my devices. Someone who isn’t as allergic to screen protectors as I admittedly am, will definitely appreciate the GlassFusion+ Canvas even more. This one’s for the artists out there, is what I’m saying, and for people who can’t get over the feeling of drawing on glass.

✍🏻 ✍🏻 ✍🏻 out of 5 — Good