Issue 68 features three games to kill the time

It’s Game Day in Switch to iPad #68, with three games to kill the time. This from the first game, Clap Hanz Golf:

I’ve spent a lot of time with Clap Hanz Golf the last few weeks. I played it a bit when it launched on Apple Arcade (yep, you’ll need a subscription to play this one), but then fell out of it. It’s gotten several updates since then, and whatever the reason was to stop playing this game, it’s seemingly gone.

If you recognize the style of Clap Hanz Golf, you might’ve played another golf series called Everybody’s Golf or Hot Shots Golf, depending on your region. Clap Hanz is the developer of said series, which was (is?) published by Sony for various PlayStation platforms. They’re great games, especially the two that was released for PlayStation Portable.

🆓 Read Switch to iPad #68 here, for free.