iPadOS 15.1 brings back old Safari (almost)

It’s time to update your iPad because iPadOS 15.1 was just released. It brings SharePlay, announced as a feature for iPadOS but pushed forward before the actual release. With SharePlay you can watch things together over FaceTime, and share your screen too, which surely is useful, but perhaps less so now that the pandemic and work from home situation seems to get more under control. We’ll surely see some interesting collaborative apps and games — there are a few already — utilizing SharePlay, but it could also end up being a gimmick, rather than a truly useful API and feature.

Anyway, most of us are probably more excited about the changes to Safari. The tab design, with those annoying close buttons, has been reverted to the old one, so you’ll probably not close tabs accidentally as often anymore. The Safari redesign wasn’t particularly popular on iPad (I like the changes on iPhone, incidentally), so this is all good news.

Old Safari (on an iPad Pro 12.9")
Old Safari (on an iPad Pro 12.9″)
New Safari (on an iPad mini)
New Safari (on an iPad mini)

Besides that, iPadOS 15.1 features some tweaks to Shortcuts (which seems like a hot mess at the moment), and the Live Text feature in the Camera app has come to iPadOS as well.