Switch to iPad #70: Read it later

Well, you don’t have to read it later, you can read Switch to iPad #70 now, if you like. It does cover read it later services, though.

I’ve been a user of various read it later services for a long time. They’re great, I love being able to save interesting things for later. Granted, most of the things that gets saved away will sit there for a long time, there are so many feature stories, articles, blog posts and whatnot out there, I can’t keep up. That’s okay, I don’t feel stressed out by having an ever-growing reading queue.

Back in the day, the main feature for the read it later services for me was cleaning away all the rubbish that are on websites. Ads, cross-promotions, related stories, more ads, all of that just takes away from the actual story. More often than not, the story gets a thin column, and all the other rubbish gets more space. It’s not a great reading experience.

📧 Switch to iPad #70 is out now, for paying subscribers. Subscriptions are $5/month or $50/year. There’s a free trial if you’d like to sample the goods before committing.