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I’m back to using Pocket

This is not a review, but rather, a follow-up on Switch to iPad #70, where I wrote about read it later services. There, I mentioned upstart Matter, which has some pretty compelling features, and is, by far, the best read it later app to store Twitter threads. I’ve been using Matter since before #70, and I liked it, except for this:

What’s worse, Matter is by far the lesser reading experience on an iPad, even the new iPad mini, which is pretty much perfect for reading text on. It’s not that they parse the text bad, it’s just not a very readable layout.

I’m confident this’ll change. This layout works perfectly well on an iPhone. They’ll surely add typographic settings as well, something that both Pocket and Instapaper has, which means you can tailor your reading experience as you see fit. Even Safari’s Reader feature has some basic options there, so I’m sure Matter will add it.

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Switch to iPad #70: Read it later

Well, you don’t have to read it later, you can read Switch to iPad #70 now, if you like. It does cover read it later services, though.

I’ve been a user of various read it later services for a long time. They’re great, I love being able to save interesting things for later. Granted, most of the things that gets saved away will sit there for a long time, there are so many feature stories, articles, blog posts and whatnot out there, I can’t keep up. That’s okay, I don’t feel stressed out by having an ever-growing reading queue.

Back in the day, the main feature for the read it later services for me was cleaning away all the rubbish that are on websites. Ads, cross-promotions, related stories, more ads, all of that just takes away from the actual story. More often than not, the story gets a thin column, and all the other rubbish gets more space. It’s not a great reading experience.

📧 Switch to iPad #70 is out now, for paying subscribers. Subscriptions are $5/month or $50/year. There’s a free trial if you’d like to sample the goods before committing.