Switch to iPad #62 investigates how much RAM your iPad actually need

The 62nd issue of the Switch to iPad newsletter was recently sent to the subscribers. It’s all about RAM (internal memory), and how much of it you need in your iPad. And yes, it’s somewhat complicated.

From the intro:

One thing that keeps confusing iPad buyers is the device’s amount of internal memory, RAM. Internal storage, the flash drives where you store data, is one thing, it’s what usually differentiate iPad models from each other, but RAM, that’s something Apple rarely talks about when it comes to the iPad. Except now, with the M1 iPad Pros, where they clearly state that models under 1 TB storage have 8 GB RAM, whereas 1 TB and 2 TB models have 16 GB RAM. We’re in traditional computer territory here, in fact, it’s the same options you get if you buy an M1 MacBook (Air and Pro), or the current M1 Mac mini and iMac models. 

But here’s the thing: RAM on an iPad doesn’t work the same as RAM on a Mac. And besides, how much RAM do you really need?

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