iPadOS 16 Beta Watch: Reminders’ badges finally makes sense

Apple released the third developer beta of iPadOS 16, which could be what the upcoming public beta will be based on. While there are fixes all-around, one thing really stood out to me, and that’s a new setting for the Reminders app. You might remember that I’m enjoying the new Today view in Reminders, but also that the way badges are being used, for due and overdue tasks, are less-intuitive than they should be.

Well, I’m pleased to report that this a thing of the past, as of the third iPadOS 16 beta.

Per default, Reminders will only show a badge notification, which is a number on an app icon, for overdue tasks. That means that if you set a task due for today, it won’t show a badge, unless you set a due time as well, of course. A task that was due yesterday will show up as a badge today.

Well, now there’s a setting that lets you change that behavior.

No badges…
Let’s tick this one, found in Settings > Reminders
Nine things to do today!

And just like that, Reminders is finally behaving like other to-do apps. I’m thrilled.