Tag: iPadOS 15 Beta Watch

What’s up in the iPadOS 15 beta? You’ll find bits and pieces from it here, until it’s release.

iPadOS 15 Beta Watch: The Quick Note feature I didn’t think I’d use

There’s a new feature in iPadOS 15 called Quick Note. It gives you access to Notes in a special view, all over the interface, without actually leaving the app or screen you’re on. I gushed about this in Switch to iPad #52 (which is free to read, so pop over there if you like), and now, running the beta on two different iPads, I’ll confess to be in love with this new feature. However, I’m not using it the way I thought I would.

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iPadOS 15 Beta Watch: Lovely widgets

I’ve been using the iPadOS 15 beta on my, err, beta iPad Pro since the first developer beta was released at WWDC. It’s really getting there, although I must stress that it’s still a beta, so some things will be wonky. I wouldn’t run the iPadOS 15 beta on my primary iPad Pro because there are too many things I rely on that just won’t work on the beta just yet. That will depend on what you’re using your iPad for, obviously, but be careful nonetheless.

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