iPadOS 15 Beta Watch: The Quick Note feature I didn’t think I’d use

There’s a new feature in iPadOS 15 called Quick Note. It gives you access to Notes in a special view, all over the interface, without actually leaving the app or screen you’re on. I gushed about this in Switch to iPad #52 (which is free to read, so pop over there if you like), and now, running the beta on two different iPads, I’ll confess to be in love with this new feature. However, I’m not using it the way I thought I would.

You can trigger Quick Note in three ways.

  1. Pull up from the bottom corner using your Apple Pencil.
  2. Mark something and use the share overlay (not the actual share button, mind) and choose New Quick Note.
  3. Use a keyboard shortcut.

I fully expected to take full advantage of Quick Note with the Apple Pencil, and I have. However, while I’m an avid Pencil user, I use a keyboard more, and being able to trigger Quick Note with a global keyboard shortcut — GLOBE+Q — is brilliant. Every so often I’ll even add something using the Pencil, but most of these notes are short, err, notes about things that I’ll revisit later.

You’ll love the new Quick Note feature, I’m sure of it. Whenever I’m on my non-beta iPad, I miss it, that’s how deep it’s dug itself.