Ulysses 23 focus on blogging

Ulysses 23 (release post), available on the App Store now, is a release of the popular markdown writing app with blogging focus. There’s been a publishing feature in Ulysses for quite some time, supporting WordPress (both self-hosted and WordPress.com), as well as Ghost, Medium, and Micro.blog. New in this release is that you can update your Ghost posts, not just publish them, a feature that’s been available for WordPress for some time, and is coming soon to Micro.blog as well. Another new feature is the addition of a publishing widget in your sidebar, as well as a small paper plane icon under sheets that’s been published already. A nice touch, I’d say. There’s also improvements to the writing session history, which wasn’t working particularly well before.

Ulysses 23 is available as a free update now, but you’ll need a subscription to use the app (after the trial, if you’re a new customer). The subscription is $6/month or $50/year.