The 2021 App Store Award winners

Every year, Apple announces the App Store Award winners. These aren’t necessary the most successful or downloaded apps, but apps that Apple feel stand out.

The 2021 iPad app of the year is LumaFusion, a video editing app that definitely stands out. It’s a great choice, so well done, Apple.

The 2021 iPad game of the year is Marvel Future Revolution. It’s a freemium game that I haven’t tried yet, but I guess I should, given the fact that it won this award.

Now, Apple obviously doles out awards for iPhone, Mac, Watch, and Apple TV as well, and these apps obviously work on an iPad as well. The iPhone app of the year, Toca Life World, stands out because it’s an app that shines on the iPad, and a great choice to install for your kid’s iPad. It’s a bit weird seeing such an app win for iPhone, but sure, why not, I guess?

The iPhone game of the year is League of Legends: Wild Rift, a freemium MOBA that I’m sure some of you are playing. It comes as no surprise that this’ll run just fine on your iPad as well.

The Mac app of the year is Craft, another app that works on the iPad. In fact, the only non-compatible winner is the Mac game of the year, Myst. All the other winners, including Carrot Weather (Apple Watch app of the year), the DAZN streaming service (TV app of the year), and Space Marshals 3 (TV game of the year), work just fine on your iPad. As does the Apple Arcade game of the year, Fantasian, which is a beautiful game I hope to find the time to truly dig into soon.

There were also three winners i the yearly trend list, which are “apps that brought us together”. Popular game Among Us is a well-deserved winner, as is Canva, and I’m sure Bumble brought people together too…

All in all, pretty good picks. I’ll do mine some other time, but for now, check out all the winners in this App Store story. There are also top app lists, and top games lists for 2021, if you want more successful apps you probably already know about on your home-screen.