It’s iPad mini for me this holiday (#77)

This year’s last full-length newsletter tells the story about how I’m going iPad mini only this holiday season. There’s a reason for this, obviously, and it isn’t that I’ve sold all my iPads, if anyone thought this.

I’m doing a little experiment this holiday season. You see, I’ve left my iPad Pros and their Magic Keyboards at home, and decided to just bring my iPad mini to the cabin. I’m going to call it a cabin, but it’s really a small house, there’s a sauna, Wi-Fi, and everything. This is where we go on holidays, and when we want to get out of Stockholm.

Anyway, I left my professional iPads behind. I did this for two reasons:

1. I want to know how far I can get on just the smallest iPad in Apple’s lineup.

2. This holiday season, I’m going to try not to work so much, with no agency work planned at all.

Granted, you can get everything done on any iPad, as I’ve talked about before. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy, especially if you’re used to that beautiful 12.9” screen from the M1 iPad Pro.

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