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How tiny can a keyboard get? (#96)

I love my iPad mini 6, as you probably remember, and I’ve got this idea that pairing it with a small keyboard could be an awesome portable writing station. So, that’s what this week’s issue of Switch to iPad is all about, featuring five portable keyboards.

I’m typing this on a Keychron mechanical keyboard, but that will soon not be the case. You see, I went on Amazon and bought a number of tiny keyboards to see if any of them were a worthy addition to a small iPad kit. I’d love it if I could get away with a small bag, packing just the iPad mini 6 and a small keyboard, as well as the Apple Pencil, for creative forays into the city. Smaller is sometimes better, after all.

The problem with this isn’t the iPad mini, you don’t need a big screen if you’re setting out for a writing session. What you do need is a decent keyboard, and, traditionally, these are at least close to full-sized. There are tiny keyboards out there, too, but I’ve stuck with models that are at least reasonably sized, not directly set up to fail by sheer lack of size.

So, let’s see if there’s anything worth getting for a truly tiny iPad workstation, shall we?

📧 Switch to iPad #96 requires a paid subscription. It’s $5/month or $50/year, and helps funding my keyboard purchasing needs (and this very site). There’s a free trial, too.

Keychron K6 – a review

I love keyboards. I’ve owned hundreds over the years, which might sound like a crazy number, and that is obviously because it is. Today, I think the number is just shy of twenty, not counting older keyboards I might’ve forgotten in a drawer somewhere. Yeah, I might have a problem, but then again, if it weren’t for my keyboard curiosity, I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone (Keychron K4) and picked up the wireless and mechanical Keychron K6. And, I’ve got to tell you, I love this keyboard.

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