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iPadOS 15.4 is available now

It’s time to update those iPads, folks. Oh, and you iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, Apple Watch, and, err, yeah, that’s all of them.

The star of the show in iPadOS 15.4 is Universal Control, a feature that lets you connect your iPad to your Mac (or several Macs to each other), while using a singular input device. That’s right, it’s not like (the otherwise excellent) Sidecar feature, which makes your iPad act as a second screen for your Mac. With Universal Control, you’re still in every device’s respective operating system, while still being able to do things like drag-and-drop files between them. It’s all very cool, and I’ll have more on it in the future. And yes, if you recall this being mentioned before, know that it was an iPadOS 15 feature that got delayed.

There are also over 100 new emojis (if you count all the color variations). You can seen them all on Emojipedia.