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The Apple Pencil hover dot

The one new feature that truly stands out with the 2022 M2 iPad Pros, is the hover dot the Apple Pencil gives you to indicate where you’re about to press. This registers earlier than before, meaning that you can hold the pencil a full 12 mm above the screen, and see where you’re heading.

This is helpful, I’m pleased to say.

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Solving the Apple Pencil problems for the new iPad

The new, tenth generation, iPad comes in the iPad Pro/Air form-factor, as previously mentioned. That means charging using USB-C and eschewing, which is a good thing for such a device. All in all, the new iPad looks like a promising device. The one thing that stands out, that sort of sullies it, is that it uses the first generation Apple Pencil, which charges using Lightning. That used to mean that it’d stick out awkwardly on the side for a bit, from the iPad’s Lightning port, when you needed to charge it. Now, that port is USB-C, and charging the Apple Pencil got a lot more complicated.

Luckily, there are solutions.

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