Want more icons on your homescreen? Don’t add widgets…

Now that iPadOS 15 is out, chances are you’re filling your homescreens with widgets. For most iPad models, that all aligns just fine, but the 12.9” iPad Pro models are a bit different.

The maximum number of icons, be it apps or folders, on a homescreen is 30 (6×5 grid), as demonstrated below.

However, the moment you drop a widget on there, it changes to four icons vertically, meaning that you can get up to 23 icons (6×4, and at least one taken by a widget). Quite the drop from 30, I must say.

This is all about aligning things, obviously, but it’s a bit wasteful of the screen real-estate, don’t you think?

Speaking of which, there’s been a tightening of icons too. Below is the same view on iPadOS 14, where the icons are somewhat more spread out.

iPadOS 14 isn’t as tight