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Issue #104: This is what you think about Switch to iPad

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I hope this letter finds you well. Me, I’m getting ready to check out from a hotel, take a taxi to my car (!), and then leave Stockholm for a couple of weeks. We’re moving the base to the countryside, which is about time, and also later than usual. It’s been a busy couple weeks, err, months, and I’m glad to have put that behind me, for now. I’m sure we’ll have an errand or two in the city during the summer, and plants in the apartment need watering, but that aside, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally have something of a break.

Which also means I’m going to take a break from these newsletters, until mid-August is the idea. There’ll be updates on the site, and I might send recaps of those since the site and Substack (the service used for this newsletter) aren’t connected whatsoever, just don’t expect any 1,000+ word newsletters in July.

I figured this would be a good time to talk about the future of Switch to iPad. I did a survey when we hit 100 issues (what a number!), and I’ve been pondering the results. Thanks to all of you who participated, there were hundreds of replies, and a lot of interesting feedback. I won’t bore you with stats, and besides, and most of the questions were open-ended enough anyway. I do want to share my findings, however.

  • About half of the respondents subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Another half of those have a paid subscription (which isn’t the same as the ratio between subscribers overall, mind).
  • A whopping majority would continue to subscribe even if I moved the newsletter off Substack.
  • Most of you are happy with the overall length of the newsletter.

It pleases me that most of you aren’t concerned with what platform I use. In fact, the single most common complaint/suggestion is that Switch to iPad is split between two platforms: Substack (where this newsletter lives), and the site. So, I’m going to remedy that.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks thinking about what’s the best setup for Switch to iPadin the future. When I started this project, I went with Substack because it had everything in place for a mix of free and paid newsletters. I wanted a place to write about using the iPad as the primary computer, but there was also the will to experiment with the then fairly new platform, as well as the concept of paid newsletters. Looking back, I wish I’d done things differently because of the lock-in that is Substack. Moving the paid subscribers, and making sure that everything works (i.e., no double billing, the right subscription periods, that sort of thing) is proving to be troublesome, to say the least. I’ve got my work cut out for me, and I intend to do as much of it as possible from an iPad. Expect short updates as we go along.

That said, I also need a break, some downtime. Other than said updates, which will be irregular at best, I’ll pause these newsletters until mid-August. I do hope to have some other goodies for you before then, but that’ll depend on how my work progresses, and the weather.

I’ll write to you soon. Do check out the Switch to iPad website now and then, too. I bet the iPadOS 16 Beta Watch series is interesting to you, at the very least.

Enjoy your summer!

Thord D. Hedengren