Focus Mode, but for your kids

Have you got kids? Do they sometimes borrow your iPad (or iPhone, for that matter) to play games, or watch something on YouTube Kids? And, while they do, are you secretly afraid they’ll accidentally text your boss, call your ex, or tweet something inappropriate about Elon Musk?

Focus Mode to the rescue!

🔩 Shameless plug: I wrote in-depth about my home screens, and how I use Focus Mode to control them, in Switch to iPad #95. You need a paid subscription to read this issue, it’s $5/month or $50/year.

Now, back to the matter at hand, being making sure your kids won’t ruin your online reputation while borrowing your iPad so that you can have some peace and quiet.

  1. Create a home screen with the apps the kid wants. This is probably mostly games, and perhaps a streaming app or something.
  2. Go to Settings > Focus, and create a new Focus Mode. Call it Kid Mode, maybe. Disable all notifications in the creation guide (Allow None at every step, most likely).
  3. In the Kid Mode settings pane, tap Home Screen and select Custom Pages. Pick the home screen with the kids stuff on it.

Now, the only issue here is the dock. Apps there are still accessible, so you might want to consider what you’ve got sitting there. Hopefully, the kid friendly apps will be more interesting than Reminders…